Amigurumi are plush toys made from yarn. I’ve seen them a lot over the years but haven’t really thought to get some for myself; that is until recently. For a long time, I’ve been looking for a fugu (puffer fish) plush toy, and haven’t been able to find one. One day last week, I was looking at amigurumi on Etsy, and thought, I wonder if someone can make me a fugu fish. I looked through different sellers and decided to send a message to MossyMaze. 😊

I sent her a photo of a fugu fish, and asked if there was a way for her to make a plush version of the photo. She replied within a few hours and said that she would see what she can come up with. Now, I expected it to take a few days to make a pattern out of just one photo, and I was okay with that and was ready to wait. So you can imagine my surprise when I get a message the next day that has pictures of an almost finished little fugu. 😳

After a few more days back and forth, including a request for a bow tie and a bunny amigurumi in a proportionate size, everything was finished and they were ready. She sent me the listing for the pair, and I placed the order. The next day I was notified that they were shipped already and that they were going to arrive in 2-3 days. This got me super excited. 😆puffbunny

When I checked the mailbox yesterday, I was thrilled to find that all the things I was waiting for were there, including a package from Etsy. I brought the boxes inside the house (three in total because I got some stuff from Amazon and Ulta too), and opened them up–starting with the Etsy box. 😄

The box was topped with tissue paper, and when I lifted it off I saw that the two little plushies were individually wrapped in their own tissue paper cocoon, each with a little crochet heart taped on it. I opened each up, and there they were: my two new little amigurumi. 😍img_4009

I was really happy with everything. From the first message sent to the final packaging and arrival to me, which took all of a week, this seller was really nice and good at what she does. She responds and delivers quickly, and the final products are really well made and adorable. If you wanna check the store you, you can click here for the Etsy store. 😄

I’m so happy to have these two new little ones with me, and am writing this because of the euphoria (sounds kind of exaggerated, I know). I wanted to make an appreciation post to the seller who made one of my little desires come true, and at the same time just keep this little event in the books. Thank you for reading, I hope you didn’t mind my little burst of excitement. 😅

’til next time,



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