Stay on track.

A few posts down, I talked about the things I want to get done this year. A big part of getting somewhere when it comes to this is accountability, and a way to be accountable, and stay accountable, is to keep a journal or planner. Every year I have one, but this time around I will push myself to keeping using and utilizing it. This is my 2017 planner, and sort-of set up. 😊

img_3329So I start looking at planners around August, because that’s when the new designs come out. After a couple of months of looking at the different designs and layouts, I decided on this simple but adorable baby blue planner from After checking as I write this, the exact one I have isn’t available anymore, but this one has the same interior layout and an equally adorable cover, if not more. 😆

After getting the planner, I thought that it would be nice to have some consistent markers for some stuff, so I decided to go on Etsy to see what they have. I looked for quite a while and decided on stickers from these three sellers: itsplanningtime, twiceasnicelettering, and PrettyCraftyStickers. Aside from these though, I got heart stickers from, and eye stickers (which don’t seem to be available anymore) and a sticker folder from Ikea. These are what I got. 😊img_3328

First, from itsplanning time, got four sticker sheets. I got these dollar sign stickers to track my paychecks, these PC monitor stickers to track my blog, these pastel mail stickers to track shipments/mail I sent to other people, and these console remote stickers to track gaming sessions. 😆 So from this seller I delved more into cute but functional stickers.img_3339

Next, from twiceasnicelettering, I got three sticker sheets. I got this sheet of washing machine stickers to track laundry, this sheet of popcorn stickers to track movies, and this sheet of really cute woodland critter stickers. Here, I got the stickers that are still functional and cute, and couldn’t resist the animal sheet. 😅img_3335

And last for Etsy, from PrettyCraftyStickers, I got three sticker sheets. I got this red droplet sticker sheet to track my period, and these perfect match date night and bunny love sheets because they’re adorable and also romance. I was looking for for just the right period stickers, and then I couldn’t resist the other two sheets. 😆img_3337

Last for the stickers, I got these from and Ikea. Alongside the planner, from I got these cute pale pink heart stickers to mark romantic landmarks, and then I got this sticker booklet with stickers to use as labels or to secure bits and pieces to the planner, and this sheet of quirky eye stickers that really fascinated me. 😆img_3331img_3332
Lastly, because I have this quirk about me that prefers that my writing materials are consistent throughout, I went over to Amazon and got this pack of five Pilot G-Tec-C4 in assorted colors. I’ve loved these pens for a long time and finally got my hands on a bunch of colors. They write really smoothly and neatly which is why they are a favorite. 😊img_3342

Those are the things I got together to hopefully keep me organized this year. This is how I use them. Each ink corresponds to a certain thing I write down (e.g. green for money related things and red for scheduled tasks/appointments), and wherever I can use stickers, I do. 😄

Then everyday I use the bottom to write down a summary of the day, and whenever I have random bits that I want as keepsakes, I just use tape or stickers to adhere them to their corresponding day. 😊

So that’s my setup. This way I’m able to keep track of the past, present, and future. It’s nowhere near perfect, but for this year, I think it should work out. I wanna look into bullet journalism, but I want to make the use of what I have now. So yeah, how do you plan to keep track of your resolutions and days? And also, what do you think of bullet journals and do you think I should try it out? That’s it for me for now. 😄

’til next time,



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