Throwback: Tagaytay trip part 1.

Before I start I just want to apologize for the lack of photographs. I thought I took more of the things that we saw, but I can’t find much now. I still want to write this though because this was the first trip that I planned myself, and I loved this trip a lot. I will be better about photos next time, I promise. 😔

There was nearly two months between our finals week and the graduation rites. Because there was so much time and not a lot to do, and also as a sort of celebration for finishing all our requirements, we decided to go on a trip somewhere kind of near by. Tagaytay is a high altitude place south of Manila with amazing sights and cooler climate than the busy city. When we decided on this, I was mostly in charge of our trip itinerary.

Now, I am neither a fan of a strictly planned itinerary nor a completely impromptu trip, so I approached this trip with the goal of being somewhere in the middle. I scoured the internet for possible places to stay and things to do, and then built a budget and “plan” for the trip. The trip was going to last three days and two nights, just enough time off and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 😊

The planning started with ultimately deciding on where we were going to stay. After some time of looking, we decided on a place. We decided to stay in this place called Cleave Hills. I found it on Airbnb, but ended up booking through the number on their website. It’s a house that is located almost on a cliff side, with an open front yard and roof deck. It gave us a sense of isolation from the world, which was what we were looking for, and the price wasn’t too bad either. 😄

This was where we spent two nights. We were surrounded by nature, an amazing view, and pretty much peace, quiet, and the freedom to do what we wanted to. We spent both nights outside, either on the rooftop or the garden, drinking, talking, watching a series we were catching up to, and taking in the cool, fresh air. Then each morning, we just took in this wondrous view. 😍20160610_074757

So we had a place to stay, but it wouldn’t have been a very nice and worth it trip if we stayed there the whole time. Next up was figuring out what we were going to do. I definitely had some things already on my list, although they were mostly food related. I looked online for things to do and places to go in the area, and thankfully all of them were, at most, a 10 minute drive away. I made the list of places we could go, and then set an estimate amount to spend at each place, and also an amount for contingency.

On the morning of the first day, we began our drive to Tagaytay. Because of the check in time of Cleeve Hills, we decided to go to the mall first to grab some lunch and little bits for our stay. It wasn’t a very big mall, but we had a nice time going around. The air and vibe was so much calmer than it is in the city, and even at a mall, it felt like we were on vacation. When we were done there, we started to head to our lodging for the trip. 😊

We nearly missed it going the first time though. Its gate is pretty obscure, and the road to the house itself is pretty steep and long. When we got there though, we met the caretakers of the house, and they were both very nice. They gave us a tour of the place, showed us our room (which was really nice), and then let us be, reassuring us that they’d just be there if we needed them. I wasn’t able to take photos of the structure itself, unfortunately, but you can check out their gallery here. 😊20160611_111903

We put our bags down, settled in, checked out the the view and took in the fresh air, and just relaxed for a while. After a few ours, we decided to head out again and go on the first leg of our adventure. ❤

I think I’ll cut this off right here before it gets too long. I hope you liked this post, and stay tuned next week for the second installment. 😄

’til next time,





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