Hearts day.

Happy Valentines Day! ❤ The time has come where going out means seeing hearts everywhere, as well as the colors red, pink, and white. It’s that time of the year when Chocolatiers and Flower Shops have the biggest sales, people shower their significant others with gifts, and the world is overrun by romance and borderline cheesiness. 😊

I honestly love seeing those sweet gestures that people do, it’s probably because deep down I’m a cheesy romantic. I spent the morning scrolling through Instagram and looking at the posts of people back in Manila. As my day began, theirs was coming to a close, and I liked seeing what people were up to. 😊

This day for the past few years for me have been riddled with schoolwork and stress, but I guess it’s been okay. This year though, it feels just a bit more unusual, because I’m spending it halfway across the world from those that I would spend it with, and half a day behind. 😔

As sad and sort of lonely it kind of is though, I did and continue to do my best to not let distance and time pull me away from those who are important to me. A good thing about the modern era is we’re able to keep in touch with voice and video calls. Admittedly, it’s not the same, but it does enough given the situation. 😊

Some people say that there shouldn’t need to be one special day for love, and that everyday should be Valentine’s day. I think it can be both. Each day gives a person a chance to express his or her love for the person they care about. Valentine’s day though, kind of like anniversaries, can give them the push to go all out and make it special. I think this is extra sweet. So let’s let love reign. 😊

Whether you spent the day out and about or just at home, I hope you had a great day spent with those you hold close to your heart. Let me know what you’ve I’d love to hear your Valentine stories. Again, Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ 😊

’til next time,



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