Chicago drive by.

I live an hour away from the city, and I don’t really get out much. I love the city though, so any time there’s a reason to go to Chicago, I take it and try to take in as much as I can in the time there.

Yesterday, a family friend surprised his wife for her birthday at a restaurant in the city. I was happy to be able to attend such a sweet event, and even more so to be able to take in some of the city again. We didn’t go around the city beyond the event, but on the way to the lunch and on the way back, I managed to take some photos of the city. I thought I’d share the snapshots I got. 😄

These are just photos of some of the things that I found really eye catching. The infrastructure and art in Chicago is just amazing to me. It’s so much different from what I am surrounded by in the suburbs, which is also beautiful in its own way.

Hopefully I can make some time soon so that I can really go around the city some more. For now though, I hope these photos, although few, can give even just a bit of justice to the beauty that I saw in this part of the city. ❤

’til next time,



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