Throwback: Tagaytay trip part 2.

Hey, welcome back! In the last post I told you about the beginning of this wonderful trip. Where I left off was us settling into where we were staying for the trip. So yeah, after we settled in, we headed out on the first leg of our adventure. 😊

We went to Skyranch, which is a leisure park in the area. It has different kinds off rides and attractions, including the Sky Eye, which is their Ferris Wheel, and a zipline, both of which boast of a great view of Tagaytay, as well as it’s most popular attractions: the Taal Lake and Volcano. 😊

Unfortunately, the Eye was under maintenance when we got there, and I wasn’t up to zip lining because of my fear of falling. What we did instead was walk around the whole place, took a ride on their Log Coaster and Drop Tower (my first time doing both those things), and took in the view from the ledge. 😍

The thing about a lot of things in Tagaytay is that the view is just amazing, you don’t even need to go too high up to get it. So even though the Eye was closed at the time, it was okay. We’ll probably come back though to check that out, because that was the star attraction of the park. 😄

After a while, before the sun started setting, we decided to find the place where we were going to have dinner. One of the things that Tagaytay is most known for, is a stew made with beef shanks and bone marrow. This dish is delicious, and is even more perfect because of the cooler weather in the area. That’s what we were going to have for dinner. 😊

Photo from The Budget Traveler

We went to this place called Tower Ground Bulalohan which was a roadside chill restaurant that, according to the internet, served really good Bulalo. We were sat in a big booth-like table with an amazing view, ordered Bulalo among other dishes, and just enjoyed the good food and environment. We took our time and took everything in. When we were done, we realized that we ordered too much. We decided to take the leftovers back with us, and have them for breakfast the next day. 😅20160609_171114

After dinner we headed back to Cleeve Hills, relaxed for a while, and then took out some drinks that we got at the mall, headed to the roof deck, and just spent the night drinking, talking, and just making the most of being away from the city and the stress. 😊

The next day, we woke up pretty late the next morning, and we decided to head to the roofdeck again, cooked rice, and then had the Bulalo and other stuff from the night before. The thing about stews, not just this particular one, is that a lot of the time they taste better the next day. After breakfast, which was more like brunch because of the time we ate it, we got ready for our next adventure. 😄

Photo from

The afternoon plan was to visit Tagaytay Picnic Grove, which as its name shows, is a place where people go to have picnics surrounded by nature. There are tables and small hut type things all around the park, all overlooking an amazing view. The place isn’t just restricted to this though. If you wanted to just walk around in nature, there are wooden pathways and a bridge that cover the forest-like part of the park. There are also several ziplines, food and souvenir stalls, a mini zoo, horseback riding, and enough space to have a picnic on a field or fly kites and run around. 😄

The weather that day was pretty perfect in my opinion, sunny but windy. We spent a significant amount of time just walking around and taking pictures of the place and the view. It was really nice taking time around lots of greenery, especially coming from the crowded and cement covered city. When we came across this bridge, I didn’t want to cross it at all because I have a fear of falling, so we went back up the way we came and went around the other side. Later on, when we got to the bridge again, partially because it would be a hassle to go back around again, I said okay to crossing the bridge. 😳 It was a cool experience, but pretty terrifying too. It wasn’t the only time I faced this fear that day though. On the same day, we also went ziplining. As scared as I was, I refused to close my eyes because what I saw when I did these things were really amazing. 😊20160610_131521

I think I’ll leave it here for now, this post is getting a bit too long. I hope you’re liking this mini series of posts. 😄

’til next time,



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