Throwback: Tagaytay trip part 3.

Hi, welcome back! This is the last installment in this mini series, and I’m glad you’re here. In the last part, I left off with the Picnic Grove, the middle of the second day. Without further ado, here I go. 😊

So we exhausted our time, and ourselves too 😆, in the Picnic grove, and it was late in the afternoon when we left. We wondered where to go for dinner, and we decided to go to Mushroom Burger. This place was a throwback to my childhood, when I lived nearer Tagaytay and my family would go here and my sister and I would play in the playground out back. It’s a very affordable place to eat, but still something that you go Tagaytay for. Although a branch once opened across our university, I think there’s something about going to the original branch, and for me the nostalgia made it all the better. ☺️

We spent about an hour at Mushroom Burger, enjoying our mushroom burgers and mushroom fries, while I went on about this place and my childhood. When we were done and stuffed, we went back to Ayala Malls Serin (the mall we went to the day before) to pick up some more bits and pieces. Then we headed back to Cleeve Hills. 😊

We spent the evening and night on one of the tables in the garden of Cleeve Hills. The air was fresh and our surroundings were calm and beautiful, even in the dark of night. We decided to take a laptop, some snacks and drinks, and just take everything in again, while at the same time catching up with a show we’ve been watching. I don’t remember how early or late that day ended, but I know it was a great way to wind down. 😄

We woke up early the next day because it was check-out day, and we had to pack everything up, make sure nothing was left behind (though I did end up leaving my jacket somewhere along the trip 😔), and make sure we left the room and place as close to how we saw it when we arrived as possible. We put everything in the car, took some photos, thanked the caretakers of the house, and headed out. 😊

We had one more stop in our list of places to go, and that was Bag of Beans to have brunch. Bag of Beans is a restaurant/bed and breakfast in Tagaytay that serves really good coffee and hot chocolate. Unfortunately, the branch that I wanted to go to was under renovation, so we ended up going to the bigger, fancier one that we’d passed by the day before. The layout of the restaurant made so that the table we sat at didn’t directly overlook the view. It was still nice though, because there were plants everywhere and this added a closer beauty to the further view. ☺️

So we ate our food and drank our coffee and hot chocolate. The environment made this brunch even more relaxing, and a great way to end this trip. When we finished, we walked around the bed and breakfast part of the place (below the restaurant proper), took more pictures, and just took advantage of this last part of this break. 😊

We took one last deep breath and then got in the car to head back to reality and the hustle and bustle of the city. On our route though we made sure to pass by two places to buy some pasalubong (souvenirs)–Mr. Moo’s and Colette’s. Mr. Moo’s is known for it’s Carabao milk and other milk products. From here, we bought one bottle of Carabao milk and one of chocolate Carabao milk. Colette’s is best known for its Buko Pie, and is also one of those things from my childhood. We got a pie, and just like that, we were headed back to the city with no more detours. 😞

The whole trip was three days and two nights. It was a simple trip with just a few stops, but it was a much needed break from the chaos and the overwhelming nature of the city. I think it was a great way to pass the time and, I’ve got to say, a pretty great first self-planned trip. Tagaytay is such a good place to go if you wanted to get away for a bit. It’s not too far from the city, but the minute you entered the area you would be able to feel the difference, if that makes sense. So yeah, that’s it. Again, thank you so much for staying with this mini series, I hope you really liked it. 😄

’til next time,



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