Golden day: the food.

A few weeks back, I wrote about going to a restaurant in the city for a surprise celebration for a family friend. I mentioned in that post that the food served was amazing. This is just a little post to accompany that post, one that focuses on the food. This isn’t going to be a long one, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 😊

The place was called Maggiano’s Little Italy, and we were in the banquet building behind the main restaurant. The place was so pretty and seemed to me to be such a fancy place to be in. Side note: I wore my favorite wolf sweater, leggings, and my gray Vans and I felt under dressed when I saw the other people coming in. 😳

Each round table seated around 10 people, and each person was set with a bigger and smaller plate, a napkin, three forks, a knife, and a teaspoon. This just adds to the fanciness of the place and event. Each person also had a glass of water, as well as the option to get drinks at the bar area of the banquet hall–I got sweet tea. 😆

The first course was essentially the appetizer course. It was composed of ciabatta rolls and butter, stuffed mushrooms, calamari, and the house salad. It was a family style setting, so big serving platters were put at the center of the table, and we passed it around as each person put some on their plate. All of it was so good. ☺️

You can’t really go wrong with rolls and butter so that wasn’t a surprise, and calamari is one of my favorite starters so that wasn’t a surprise either, but I’m not really a salad person and I have never tried stuffed mushrooms of any sort, so these last two were very very pleasant surprises. 😊

Both dishes were very simple in terms of ingredients. The salad consisted of prosciutto, lettuce, onions, blue cheese, and their house dressing, and the mushrooms were stuffed with spinach, garlic, and stuffed bread crumbs. Both dishes were so good, and everything kind of went together too. 😊

There were three entrees in the second course: their signature Rigatoni “D”, oven-roasted pork loin with cream sauce and mashed potatoes, and chicken picatta. The pasta was kind of sweet and was better with the other entrees than by itself, I think, but still good. When I got a piece of chicken, I avoided the capers because those are a bit too strong a taste for me, but even without the capers, the chicken was good, and good with the spinach too. The roast pork was my favorite of these three dishes. It was so tasty and the mashed potato was a really really good pairing. I loved it. 😊

Dessert time! There were two sweets on the menu tonight, Apple Crostada and Tiramisu, and when I saw them on their plates, I just had to take a photo of them on their platters. They looked so pretty and soooooo good. 😆

The Apple Crostada was a dessert akin to an apple pie or tart, it is cinnamon-y apples in a crispy and layer-y sugared crust, topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel. I don’t think I could properly describe how it tastes, but it’s like an elevated apple pie a la mode. The crispiness of the warm crust goes really well with the cold ice cream, and all the components of it just go together in a way that makes it taste just right–not too sweet but not bland at all. ☺️

Tiramisu is a traditional Italian dessert made with coffee soaked lady fingers, whipping cream and marscarpone cheese, some people add rum or coffee liqueur. It’s kind of a sophisticated dessert, and goes really well with espresso. Like the Apple Crostada, it isn’t too sweet but is oh so delicious. ☺️

Nine dishes and a few hours of a cool experience. ☺️ If you find yourself in Chicago, I suggest you check out Maggiano’s too! I will definitely be visiting again soon. 😄

’til next time,



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