Cali galleries: Introduction.

Hey! πŸ˜„ So, the past two weeks for me have been spent in California, visiting family and friends. Initially, I planned to write one post about Disneyland and another about the rest of the trip. While here though, I realized that the number of places I ended up going to, if put together in just one post, would make for a very long one indeed. 😳

Instead, I decided to do this: in the next days I will put up the photos I’ve taken throughout this trip, a bunch at a time. Most of them will be the exhibits, plants, and views that I’ve seen. They will be accompanied by some information on the setting of the shots, and other things. 😊

I want to share with you the memories from these amazing two weeks, and possibly give you ideas of where to go if ever you find yourself in this part of the world. πŸ˜† I hope these galleries will achieve this through these galleries, and I thank you in advance for checking them out. ☺️

’til next time,


P.S. – I’ll be updating this as the posts come. Links will be below πŸ˜„


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  1. Sounds Like a great trip! I am gonna have to check out the galleries.

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