Cali galleries: USS Midway.

After a not-so-quick lunch at a buffet restaurant, we headed to what would be our last big stop for the day–the USS Midway Museum and Navy Pier. If you’re new here, check out the introduction to this series. The links of the other parts are there too. Now, back to this one. Before that though, on our way to USS Midway, we passed through this really long bridge that gave us a gorgeous view. I wasn’t able to take a decent photo there, but I think it was still worth mentioning. 😊

IMG_4684So, USS Midway. This place is a museum dedicated to the historical battle of USS Midway that changed the course in World War II. Our time here started with a video about the happenings of this event–a great way to start things off. After that, we went through the whole museum. This gallery will mostly be of the planes that I saw there. My cousin and I also tried the flight simulator, but that was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done and I’m glad I don’t have photos and footage of that. 😳

We pretty much stayed until the closing time of the museum, and then after that took a walk along the port of San Diego. As the sun was setting, we arrived at the statue of the Times Square kiss at the end of world war II. Admittedly, all I knew before going there was that it was a really popular site in San Diego, but I did more research on it after, and then I understood even more the magic of the moment that inspired this piece. 😊IMG_4714

We also got a chance to see the tribute to Bob Hope and the military nearby. Again, I wasn’t too familiar with what this was, and I wasn’t really even aware that it was there, but I think it’s a really wonderfully made composition with a really profound message. It was also really cool that everything was life size–it adds a more immersive aspect to it. 😄IMG_4718

If you’re an enthusiast of world history, US history, or even just WWII, this place is a must. It’s very much saturated with history, almost to an overwhelming level. It’s such a great place to visit, and even more so if you gave yourself a lot of time to take everything in. 😊

So yeah. I’m sorry it’s been a while since I posted in this series. There’s just a few more posts to go in these series, and I’m so very thankful for you sticking it out with me. Again, if you wanna catch yourself up on this series, check out the introduction here. Thank you again! I hope you have an awesome day. 😄

’til next time,



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