Cali galleries: Mt. Helix.

Day 2 of the family reunion! If you want to catch up on day one, or the entirety of this series, go ahead and check it out here. Now, the day before was pretty hectic and crazy, and was mostly geared towards touring the area. This day was really when the bulk of the family bonding happened. 😄

The morning was spent watching TV in my tita‘s living room, as we waited for those in the house to get ready. We packed the car up with the food for lunch, and then we headed to Mt. Helix. Everyone met up, the food was set up on one of the tables, and we had lunch atop this mountain. 😄

My cousin and I finished before everyone else (they probably got caught up in their kwentuhan) so we went a little higher and decided to take some shots. It’s honestly just a lot of the view from different angles and different spots, but it was just so mesmerizing. I also really liked the plants and rocks that ended up being in the foreground. I’m not sure how long we spent just taking in the view and taking photos (I was my cousin’s photographer this whole trip), maybe around 30 minutes. 😆

At some point, we all gathered at the pavilion type place and took our family picture–kind of like a class photo. We all wore our custom family shirt, sat on the steps window style to ensure that everyone would be seen, and the friend of one of my tita‘s took the photos. We did this at several spots in Mt. Helix. 😆

After the shoot, everything was packed up, my cousin and I got a few more shots in, and we headed home and pretty much just chilled until the next plan of the day. 😊

’til next time,



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