Back in 2015, I was asked by a friend to watch this movie called Kingsman: The Secret Service. I had not seen any trailers for it and I don’t think I saw many posters for it either (or I didn’t pay much attention). I didn’t peg this movie to be something that I was going to like, I’m not a big fan of spy flicks, but I watched it with my friend anyway because why not? It ended up blowing my mind and easily becoming one of my favorite movies. 😁

When I found out that a sequel was coming out, I was in disbelief, but when I saw the first few trailers, I was on the fence about whether or not I was fascinated by the premise. At some point, I stopped watching the trailers because I didn’t want to be spoiled about anything at all. I was going to watch it regardless of what I saw in the previews, so I wanted to preserve all surprises.Β πŸ˜†

This week the wait was finally over. On Wednesday, Kingsman: The Golden Circle was released, and I watched it on its first weekend. My jaws dropped way too many times when I watched this movie, and there were a lot of moments when I yelled profanities in my head, in utter shock of the scenes. 😡

The plot line seemed to me to be a bit of a parallel to the first movie, albeit is a lot more theatrical. Remember the church scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service? Well, there are a lot of those this time around (I stopped counting after a while haha). I’m not a movie critic or reviewer or anything and am stating only my opinions–I really liked this movie. 😁

Reviews said that this movie was a bit too much, and I agree. There are multiple story lines at the same time, a lot of WTF moments and deaths, and many fight sequences, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad movie. At least for me, it being over the top made it more entertaining. If you haven’t watched it yet and are thinking about checking it out, I say go for it! It’s not as good as the film it follows, but it’s not a bad sequel, and definitely isn’t too bad compared to other things that have been released this year.Β πŸ˜†

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