Music monday: START:DASH!!

So I spent the last week re-watching one of the most happy-go-lucky anime titles I’ve ever watched–Love Live! 😆 It’s a very entertaining show, and since it deals with being school idols (pop groups from certain high schools), there are a lot of super catchy songs. This one is the first one performed in the show, and is the one that’s been pretty much stuck in my head since I heard it again. If you read the lyrics you’ll find that its very uplifting, and with its melody, you have a tune that you can’t help but dance to, or at least bob your head. Check it out! 🎶

P.S. – I couldn’t find the music video of START:DASH!!, but I did find this live performance of the voice actors of the characters. I was so amazed when I found this that I binge watched several more live performances by them. 😆


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