Cali galleries: Mementos.

Throughout this trip, I collected some bits and pieces throughout the trip. As much as I love shirts and hoodies as souvenirs, I think that there’s something about small trinkets that just draws me to them. Looking at it now, I wasn’t able to get one from every stop, but regardless I think this collection is pretty cool. This is my trinket loot from California. 😊IMG_4975

From Old Town San Diego, I have this pressed penny, and this crystal necklace and a little sliver of stone (I forgot what it was exactly). I’m a fan of stones and crystals, so when my cousin I found the shop that sells many different kinds, I had to pick something up. From USS Midway, I got these two coins. They’re pretty heavy, which is cool, and came from a vending machine that gave four at a time (my cousin got the other two). I got two more pressed pennies along the way: one from SeaWorld, and the other from the San Diego Air & Space Museum at Balboa Park😊

I have other souvenirs from this trip, clothing, plush toys, etc., but these mementos are easy to keep, and it’s really nice to think that I can look back so many memories by looking at small, simple things. 😄

So yeah. This is the last post for this series. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for sticking with this series. If you just got here and have no idea what this is about, check out the introduction and links to the other posts here. You’re awesome, thanks again! 😄

’til next time,



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