Surf and Sea: Elyu Day 2.

This post is definitely long overdue. The last post about this trip was posted months ago. If you want to check that out, it’s right here. This is day two of our trip to La Union, spent mostly on the beach, but with some gems found in the city. Read on to find out more. 😊

The day started with breakfast care of the place we were staying. It was simple–hotsilog and coffee–but very welcome, and the view we had while eating was amazing (we managed to score the window seat with the view of the beach). It was calming and serene, and was a great start to the day. 😊20170827_071613

After breakfast, we chilled in our room to let the food settle, but didn’t wait too long before going down to the beach. It was a cloudy morning so it was a bit dim out, which just made it more relaxing. We spent some time wading around, playing in the waves, and sitting on the sand, and then back to the room we went to get ready for the day’s adventure. 😄

We didn’t have much planned this day, just lunch out and a visit to the nearby temple, but I have to say, it was fun but tiring. The first stop was a 10 minute drive away, and was a well known barbecue spot called L.U. BBQ. The interior was very modern with touches of brick, cement, and wood, and the minute we walked in we were engulfed with the enticing smell of the grill and barbecue. 😁


When we got there, it was a bit empty–maybe like two or three tables other than us–so we wondered if the hype was just that–hype. But then as we waited for our food, the place started to fill up fast, and it turned out that we got there just barely before the lunch rush came. That was great. 😆20170827_11562020170827_115804

We took a long time looking at the menu and couldn’t decide what to get. In the end we settled for this sample platter thing (can’t quite remember what it’s called) that has some of their best sellers, with iced tea and rice. Now. This was a meal for 4. We were 2 people and we finished it. Uhm. Probably shouldn’t have but it was so good. I mean just look at that photo, doesn’t it make you hungry? 😆20170827_121241

That was an amazing meal. We were insanely full after it, but not in the I never wanna go back here ever again, regretful kind of way. It was sooooo good and I wish it was closer to Manila so I could go back whenever I wanted to. 😅

We drove a little ways off after lunch, to the Ma-Cho Taoist Temple, and just spent some time looking around. It was cool seeing such a calm place amidst a busy city–it was like a different world. We were mostly quiet, with silent gasps here and there, as we took everything in. 😊


The main entrance of the temple was located around back, and while you’re walking towards it, you pass by this wall of greenery, where some statues stood at every nook, each having some Chinese engraving on them. I tried to look them up when I got access to internet, and what I found said they were 18 saints, but I’m not sure about that. There’s also a statue in the garden above the temple that seems to be that of Guanshiyin — the Goddess of Mercy. 😊

There were so many statues of dragons–two large ones stood at the foot of both flights of stairs that led to the temple, and on the rails were tiny ones as well. In the center is also a dragon, with some Chinese engravings. When you get to the top of the stairs, you get to the main chamber of the temple, which is both simple and extravagant at the same time. 😄

It’s extravagant in the sense that there’s a lot happening in the altar area, but in front of that, all you have are several rows of kneelers where you can light up some incense and pray. There are instructions in the area where you get the incense that shows you how to pray to which god, as well as what they symbolize, and there are also people there at the temple that can help you if you wanted more about it. 😊

I’m not sure about other temples in the country, but this one is so open and welcoming that it fascinated me so much. I’m all for exploring other cultures and religions, and was very much happy for the chance to see this amazing place. 😄

With calm smiles on our faces, we headed back to the resort we were staying at and rested for a while before going back to the beach. For dinner that day, we decided to just get some snacks from the restaurant where we were staying, and enjoyed a night in. 😁

The next morning was just breakfast, packing, and one last time in the beach. And then it was back to Manila and the reality of work and life. It was a short trip, but still very much worth while. We’ll definitely come back sometime, and hopefully actually get some surfing done. 😆

I know this took me a long time to post in relation the first part, I’m sorry about that. One of my goals in 2018 is to be more consistent about posting, so please do bear with me. Thanks so much for sticking around and reading, I am truly grateful. 😊

’til next time,



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  1. This made me miss LU even more! Good read ❤

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    1. Renzi says:

      Thanks so much! ❤ Should try to make a trip there again soon! 😄

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