Take me back to the sea: Elyu.

I’m sitting here and going about the ups and downs of adult life, and also wanting to go back to the beach and take a break. I started to go back to my trip to La Union last year and thought I’d share some photos of the sea from back then. 😊

I didn’t post about the final day of that trip (day two is right here) because it was mostly the road trip and lunch (which I wasn’t able to take photos of), but before we departed we decided to go for one last dip in the sea, and took some photos of the beauty and calm. 😊

Moments like that–times when you can detach from the stresses of the real world–seem to come less as I grow older. It’s probably just a matter of planning, but I think it’s going to be a while before I can get away again. 😞

‘Til then, I’ll just go back to this post and stare at these photos when I start to get overwhelmed with life–sort of like a meditative practice? Perhaps motivation to keep going and inspiration to plan the next one (sooner rather than later I hope).

What about you? How do you unwind when you want to take a break from the world? What vacation spots do you recommend? I’d love to hear from you! 😄

’til next time,



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