Updates (again).

Wow. I can’t believe we’re nearly halfway done with 2018, time flies by really fast, doesn’t it? I know I’ve been pretty MIA these past two months, a lot has been happening, and I’m trying to get back to a good balance where I’m able to live and work and write at the same time. For now though, I thought I’d fill you in, even just a bit, on what’s been going on. 😊

Update 1: I’ve been. . . unwell(?) these past few weeks. I fell in a pretty deep rut a while back (I actually wrote about it here) and I’ve been trying to get out of it since. I’m not fully out yet, but I’m definitely continuing to work on it. 😞

Update 2: It’s been a pretty hectic time at work too. I’ve been so stressed that even when I wanted to, and had a bit of time to, I couldn’t seem to write anything decent. That or I would write but just wouldn’t be able to finish anything.Β πŸ˜…

Update 3: I’m in the process of switching jobs? I found a new opportunity around the time of all the craziness at work, so I’ll be venturing into something different starting this month. This’ll probably add to the imbalance for a while, but I’m hoping that the transition won’t be too difficult, and that I’ll be back on my feet sooner rather than later. 😞

Update 4: I meant to publish one #GoLocal post every month, and I’ve been trying out products even though I haven’t been posting. That said, I have Ellana Cosmetics and Detail Makeover in the lineup of future posts, and I’m hoping to have them up ASAP. I also made a Nyx purchase on Shopee (they were 40% off so I couldn’t resist πŸ˜†), so I might right about that too.Β πŸ˜„

We still have 7 months to go–that’s over 200 days to make the most out of this seemingly fast paced year. I’m hopeful that things will start to look up again, and that my productivity on this site will increase. And I hope that you also find opportunities to make the most of everything. If you’re reading this and have suggestions on how to balance everything, or have something you wanna say, please do feel free to comment down below. Thanks so much for sticking with me, I appreciate it very much!Β πŸ˜„

’til next time,


**photo byΒ Jason StrullΒ onΒ Unsplash


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