June notes: the outcome.

At the beginning of the month, I put out a post enumerating three things that I wanted to get done, or at least start, this June (you can read it here). Now at the end of it, here I am to share how it went.

  • Work out: this has been a long time resolution/goal for me that I’ve never really gotten to accomplish. This time around, I have a friend with me to push me so hopefully with his help I’ll be able to get it done. For right now though, the most I’ve done is go everyday for a week. That’s not too great but hey, it’s a start.
  • Read more: I mentioned the magazines I bought a while back when I mentioned this goal. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten to go through them fully. I have, how ever, been able to set some time to read some of the books on my Kindle. Again, not much, but it’s a start.
  • Write & publish: as I said in my post yesterday, I do have at least some posts planned out, and I want to get back on the horse this month and start cranking those out. I want to be able to do more of what I love, and I’m hoping that I get the balance that I’ve been looking for soon.

So yeah. The verdict for this month is that I still have a lot to do. I know that my biggest problems has always been discipline. When it’s something I have to do, I’m okay. Anything else? No Bueno. That’s why it’s so much tougher for me to push through with goals I set for myself. I’ll continue trying though, and hopefully I’ll be able to push myself more and more until I build new habits.

What’re your tips and tricks to being better at attaining your goals? I’d love to hear from you!

’til next time,




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