July notes: the outcome.

Alright, we’re done with another month. Holy cannoli, it’s really weird how time moves both really quickly and really slowly. It’s time to take a look at what I was looking forward to in July, and to give updates on what went on in the month. Funny side note, I didn’t include my birthday as something I was looking forward to. Wala lang, I just thought it was weird in hindsight. Anyhoo, let’s get to these notes.

  • Marvel Run PH: This was my first 3k run, and boy did I underestimate it. I’d gone to the gym 2 weeks straight prior to this run and I thought it was enough—it wasn’t. By the time I crossed the finish line, I was completely drained and nearly passed out. It rained right after though so that rejuvenated me a bit and, despite the exhaustion that the run itself being agonizing, the whole thing was really fun! I’m already registered for the next one from Color Manila, the Adventure Time Run (5k this time, I definitely to train more).
  • Cook more: I think I accomplished this to a certain degree. I still have some trouble with regard to prep timing, and it’s on those days where I fail to prep the night before that I end up having to eat out for lunch. What’s good is that I am able to include breakfast sandwiches in the list of things that I don’t have to spend on (on most days). Working on this, but very happy with the progress so far.
  • More water, less sugar: Now this. . . Was a little more of a fail on my part. Yes, I managed not to buy huge bottles of soda on a regular basis, but I had these sugary drinks when I ate out. I’ve bought juice at the office sometimes because I often crave sweet things after I eat. Every other time though, I pretty much only drink water. Yup, I’ve a long way to go with this one.
  • BONUS: I donated blood this month. I’m sharing this because this is something I’m proud that I did. It was my second time donating, the last time being about half a year ago, and I don’t really remember how that experience was. This time around it was pretty quick, maybe 30 minutes for everything. It was a little painful, a little dizzying, but also gratifying at the same time.

July was better, and it was worse. I’ve had increasing experiences of stress and anxiety. I’ve also taken a few leaps that made my month. I’m a year older, hopefully a little wiser? Maybe just a littler braver. I hope your July was amazing! If it wasn’t, I want you to know that I’m proud of you for making it through! Here’s hoping August will be better for everyone.

’til next time,



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