Sunnies Face is coming and I am ecstatic 😱

So. Last weekend, I was just watching through Instagram stories when I saw something that I just had to go back and watch again. Sunnies Studios, the brand that’s expanded to Sunnies Optical and Sunnies Cafe, is entering the makeup sphere with Sunnies Face. 😲

Their first release will be their Fluffmatte lipsticks: formulated in Italy and available in 9 beautiful shades that I think would look stunning on pretty much everybody. The shades are as follows: Nudist, Vacay, Baked, Milkshake, Girl Crush, 143, Mood, Hot Sauce, and Major


I’ve had their website open since I saw the reveal on Instagram. 😆 I can’t wait to get my hands on them and try them out. 😍 So yeah, just a quick break from regular programming just because I’m so incredibly excited. 😂 Back to it now (I’ll be back after I try these babies out). 😄

’til next time,



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  1. I like the name, Sunnies face 🙂
    Nudist, Milkshake and Major are really gorgeous! And 143 🙂 I will have to keep an eye out for them in Sweden!

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