Are the Sunnies Face Fluffmattes worth the hype? (Go Local)

So. At the start of August I posted about a new brand called Sunnies Face, and I pretty much just raved about how excited I was about the upcoming launch. A few weeks after the launch, and after a few humps on the road, I finally got my hands on their whole lipstick line. This post is coming a few weeks after that, and in this time I’ve had some time to check them all out.

First of all I gotta say, the packaging is beautiful! You can see that they thought the packaging through very well, and I don’t mean just the appearance. The construction of the things, from the messenger pouch, the boxes, the tubes themselves, beyond being eye-catching, are all really well made too.

7585734272_IMG_0968The mailer is baby pink, with the logo in the center in mauve–simple and elegant (this is pretty much the aesthetic of the whole brand and I love it). The boxes match the colors of the lipsticks, and has a simple line drawing and the Sunnies Face logo on opposite sides. The cardboard is pretty sturdy (and I might even end up displaying some of them 😆). The tubes are heavy and feels good in the hand. They’re off white with the logo stamped on the top and the name of the shade on a sticker at the bottom.

7524871888_IMG_0949What I picked up from the site was a bundle that included all nine shades and a PVC pouch. The pouch that I got was the cherry red one, and I was pleasantly surprised when I got it. I thought it was going to be stiff with a hard zipper, but what I got was pretty much the exact opposite. The pouch itself is soft and sturdy, and the zipper is one of the smoothest ones I’ve used in a while. Easily, this went straight into my everyday bag, and now holds beauty stuff.

Now, to the lipsticks themselves. One of the things that got me excited about this launch in the first place was seeing the photos of the lipsticks with their soft and powdery finish. I was not disappointed when I got them. They’re super smooth and pigmented and opaque with one swipe, and they’re super comfortable on the lips. I was worried that, because it’s closer to a matte finish, it was gonna dry my lips out, but it didn’t! I managed to wear it the whole day (with some touch ups) without my lips flaking.7589856672_IMG_09587518654112_IMG_0956

The shade range is nice too, with 9 different colors of different undertones. And although the lighter ones aren’t really my type, none of the lipsticks looked too bad against my skin. I really do think that all of these colors will look good on most, if not all, skin tones.

I really like this line, which is a huge relief because I spent a lot of money for these. They’re PHP 345.00 a pop, which is a bit pricey, but considering its amazing quality is definitely worth it. The hype for the Sunnies Face Fluffmattes was pretty intense, to say the least, but their lipsticks live up to it for sure. I’m excited to see what else this brand comes out with!

’til next time,



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