Throwback to the past with BLK’s 90s collection (Go Local)

I’m not sure why, but my hype radar has been insanely sensitive when it comes to local releases recently. First it was the Sunnies Face with their Fluffmatte Lipsticks, and now BLK has released their Back to the 90s collection. When I saw that it came out, I had just recently placed my October order off BeautyMNL (if you want to see what I picked up and my thoughts, check it out here), so I was a bit crushed.

Howeveeeeer, one of my very best friends in the world was kind enough to pick up for me (As a very early christmas present) the 90s Hiphop Makeup Bundle + Bumbag off of Shopee. I think it’s perfect because it had one each of the products that I really wanted to try, and also a pretty little retro-designed fanny pack (I’ve been looking for one) designed by Neon Island (who I’ve been dying to get something from for a while now).

This bundle has the Intense color liquid eyeshadow in The Bomb (PHP 299), the Soft Matte Mousse in Booyah (PHP 349), and the All Day Intense Matte Lipstick in Oh Snap (PHP 299). I’m excited, not only because this collection looks so cool but, because I’ve never actually tried BLK products before. I’ve used all of these products since I received them, and here’s what I think so far!

Let’s start with the Liquid Eyeshadow. I’m not sure why, but I received the wrong shade in my bundle (on Shopee it said I was supposed to get Slammin’). That said though, I really like this product! A little goes a very long way, and it blends pretty well and would work on its own as a subtle-ish wash of color on the lids. The Bomb is a little closer to my skin tone so it’s more subtle on me than I’m guessing Slammin’ would’ve been, but that’s fine–good even, for everyday. I also use it as an eyeshadow base sometimes, and it helps with the pigmentation of the shadows I use with it. It’s kind of small, but considering how little you need to use at a time, and how much use you’d get out of it, I think this is worth the price.

Next up, we have Soft Matte Mousse. Color-wise, I think Booyah is a tad bit too light for my liking (I’m really vibing Totally but I have so many lip products that I don’t know if I should pick it up). Formula-wise, it’s really pigmented and comfortable on the lips. It does have a really sweet smell to it, kind of cupcake-y, so be warned if you’re not into strong scents. Although it’s too light for my lips, it really works out as a blush. I put a few dots on my cheeks and pat with my fingers to get a more natural looking flush, it applies pretty easily! Really good call though–otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to use this much. Price wise, it’s okay but it could be a taaad bit lower?

Last for the makeup is the Matte Lipstick. I think it’s the same formula as their other matte lipsticks, the difference being the packaging for the 90s collection is Purple Acrylic. I’m a fan of dark, grungy shades so I really like both these shades. The shade in the bundle I received, Oh Snap, leans more towards berry, and has good one swipe coverage. It does tug a bit, which might be a bit problematic if you have dry lips like I do, but if you moisturize your lips before you do your makeup, it should help with the application. It’s pretty comfy for a matte lipstick, but make sure you bring it around with you when you wear it for touch ups. Thumbs up for this one!

The extra for this bundle is the bumbag. It’s suuuuuper cute, it’s waterproof, and it zips pretty well. It makes you limit what you bring with you to only the things you absolutely need (in my case, my small wallet, phone, pocket WiFi, and house keys), and the adjustable strap let’s you wear it however you want–wear it as a fanny pack, diagonally across your back or chest, or even remove the strap altogether and use it as a pouch for in your bag. So far, I use it for going out (because sometimes I just want to be completely hands off but also have everything easily accessible). Really into this, and very happy I finally have a bumbag that’s not too big.

Overall, I found this bundle pretty okay. It might be weird that you technically get two lip products (actually, you can use all three as lip products), but they’re pretty good as multi-use products. It’s also a good way to try a variety of BLK products especially if you’ve never tried their products before. I love the theme of this collection, I like the products I’ve been able to try with it, and I’m looking forward to their next release!

’til next time,



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