A paper frenzy.

A few weeks ago, Sunday Paper Co turned 3, and to celebrate their third birthday, they put together several mystery kits for P200 with values of up to P1,250. It was a one day deal and this, added to the concept of mystery made me really curious and made me really want to check them out. 😄


On the day of the flash sale I clicked the link and checked out the four possible options. With each kit listing was a few clues corresponding to what was in them, which I think was a good move so that people know what they’re getting themselves into. Each listing also indicated the value of what’s in each kit, which was also cool. 😊


I decided to purchase one of each of them, just to see what would I would get. I checked out, paid via bank deposit, and then waited. A few days later, two packages arrived for me. I got really excited and was surprised at how heavy they were. I guess despite their value declaration, I didn’t expect there to be that many things in each set. There was so much. The sets were separated by paper bags inside the shipment packages, but they weren’t labeled. After a bit of time checking the clues and looking at what was grouped together, I figured out which was which. Let’s check them out. 😄

The first kit was stated to be worth P770, and had the following clues:

  1. This kit contains the first product we’ve ever produced.
  2. This kit contains the smallest notebook we’ll probably ever make.
  3. This kit contains a notebook that is easily used for sketching and has a huge surface area.


What it ended up being were these five items: two simple notebooks, two petite DIY notebooks, and one standard notebook.

The second kit was stated to be worth P1,250, and had the following clues:

  1. This kit contains an assortment of our beloved paper stocks.
  2. This kit contains the smallest notebook we’ll probably ever make.

IMG_5779In this kit were the following items: a pack of paper stocks, one standard notebook, two of their simple notebooks, two regular DIY notebooks, and two petite DIY notebooks.

The third kit was stated to be worth P1,185, and had the following clues:

  1. The only “writing set” you’ll ever need.
  2. This kit contains a notebook that is easily used for sketching and has a huge surface area

IMG_5780This one contained a standard notebook, a writing set, one simple notebook, and two regular DIY notebooks. Inside the writing set are the following: a lined standard notebook, one desk pad, a letter ledger, and two wooden pencils.

The last kit was stated to be worth P1,050, and had the following clues:

  1. This kit in a nutshell: an “essential” in our favorite colour.
  2. This kit contains the smallest notebook we’ll probably ever make.

IMG_5782The last kit was composed of one standard notebook, one simple notebook, two regular DIY notebooks, and one essential kit containing one simple notebook, one desk pad, and one slip notebook.

All the items are well made with smooth pages that don’t bleed ink, and securely bound, glued, and stapled. The pencils write really well too. I spent P1,050 and got the value of about P4,250, that’s kind of insane. I’m absolutely happy with what I ordered, although now I think I may have a bit too many paper products now. 😅

Check out Sunday Paper Co for your paper needs, and even some leather goods. Their products are really really nice, and on top of that, their customer service is great too! That’s it for me for now. I’ll be back with the continuation of the Cali galleries as soon as I can, I’m just a bit swamped at the moment. Thank you for tuning in! 😄

’til next time,



Fidget away.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like being completely still for long amounts of time. I pace, I click and spin my pen, or tap my toes or my fingers on the surface nearest me. I just have to keep moving some part in my body, so when I heard about this thing called a fidget cube, I had to check it out for myself. 😆

A few months ago, a friend sent me a link to this cool new prototype of a product for fidgeters. After I saw the video, I scoured the internet and ended up at some point on this kickstarter page. After a few weeks of contemplating whether or not to back this project, I ended up going for it. This project currently sits in the list of the top 10 most funded projects on kickstarter–a feat that confirms the high demand for this product.

A few months later, and after several bumps in the road including knock off versions and delays in delivery, a box arrived on my doorstep and my mood went from 1 to 100. I had just gotten home from work when I saw it, and I hurriedly tossed my bag aside in my excitement at the arrival. 😆IMG_5071

From the get-go, you can tell that the creators of this product took time and effort in making it the best it can be–even down to the packaging. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the other cubes out in the market, but you can tell which one came from Antsy Labs at first glance. Each cube is shipped wrapped in bubble wrap and a quirky little sticker that says:IMG_5494

I think that just shows the attention the details were given. When you take off the bubble wrap, you see the product and its packaging in all its glory. The cube sits in the center of the container whose lid is clear plastic with a hump on the top, similar to the Flip side of the Fidget Cube itself. Although very eye catching and pretty, the packaging seems to be a little to big for the product it contains, and a little too fragile as well. Inside, under the cube, is a little white Antsy Labs pouch, and inside that is a really cute Fidget Cube Sticker. 😊IMG_5495

Okay, that’s enough on the packaging. It’s great and all, but I think it’s time to move on to the actual cube itself. It has 6 sides, as cubes do, and each side is designed for a specific action: flip, click, roll, glide, spin, and breathe. I’m not going to go through each one too much though, I’ll just link the Antsy Labs video on them here.

Ultimately, I found the fidget cube to be a good purchase, albeit a pricey one. It really keeps me occupied when I’m waiting or having to stay still. My two favorite sides are the Flip and the Roll, with their light switch-like design, and combination lock-like dials and metal ball, respectively. The Flip is a bit loud, but for me, the mechanic is really satisfying. The roll gives you two things to fidget with, and the ball clicks too! I think that was just a great design thought. On the flip side, the side that I don’t quite understand still is Breathe. I’ve had my cube for about 2 months now and I don’t find myself going for that side. This is even with me making sure to switch things up so I don’t use one side too often. 😕

When I bought the Fidget Cube, I also bought the Prism, which is this silicon holder for the cube that has a key chain attached to it. This made the cube more portable, but not invisible. I am able to bring it around with me, but since I could see where it was hanging, I rarely forget that I have it. The catch with this though is that the silicon where the key chain is attached to is pretty thin, and therefore easier to tear than the rest of it. 😕

I got the Fidget Cube on kickstarter, but you can get one for yourself here. And that’s it for this post! I know I still owe the posts for the Cali Galleries. They’re coming, I’m just having a bit of trouble putting everything together. Please bear with me. 😔

’til next time,


Stay on track.

A few posts down, I talked about the things I want to get done this year. A big part of getting somewhere when it comes to this is accountability, and a way to be accountable, and stay accountable, is to keep a journal or planner. Every year I have one, but this time around I will push myself to keeping using and utilizing it. This is my 2017 planner, and sort-of set up. 😊

img_3329So I start looking at planners around August, because that’s when the new designs come out. After a couple of months of looking at the different designs and layouts, I decided on this simple but adorable baby blue planner from Ban.do. After checking as I write this, the exact one I have isn’t available anymore, but this one has the same interior layout and an equally adorable cover, if not more. 😆

After getting the planner, I thought that it would be nice to have some consistent markers for some stuff, so I decided to go on Etsy to see what they have. I looked for quite a while and decided on stickers from these three sellers: itsplanningtime, twiceasnicelettering, and PrettyCraftyStickers. Aside from these though, I got heart stickers from Ban.do, and eye stickers (which don’t seem to be available anymore) and a sticker folder from Ikea. These are what I got. 😊img_3328

First, from itsplanning time, got four sticker sheets. I got these dollar sign stickers to track my paychecks, these PC monitor stickers to track my blog, these pastel mail stickers to track shipments/mail I sent to other people, and these console remote stickers to track gaming sessions. 😆 So from this seller I delved more into cute but functional stickers.img_3339

Next, from twiceasnicelettering, I got three sticker sheets. I got this sheet of washing machine stickers to track laundry, this sheet of popcorn stickers to track movies, and this sheet of really cute woodland critter stickers. Here, I got the stickers that are still functional and cute, and couldn’t resist the animal sheet. 😅img_3335

And last for Etsy, from PrettyCraftyStickers, I got three sticker sheets. I got this red droplet sticker sheet to track my period, and these perfect match date night and bunny love sheets because they’re adorable and also romance. I was looking for for just the right period stickers, and then I couldn’t resist the other two sheets. 😆img_3337

Last for the stickers, I got these from Ban.do and Ikea. Alongside the planner, from Ban.do I got these cute pale pink heart stickers to mark romantic landmarks, and then I got this sticker booklet with stickers to use as labels or to secure bits and pieces to the planner, and this sheet of quirky eye stickers that really fascinated me. 😆img_3331img_3332
Lastly, because I have this quirk about me that prefers that my writing materials are consistent throughout, I went over to Amazon and got this pack of five Pilot G-Tec-C4 in assorted colors. I’ve loved these pens for a long time and finally got my hands on a bunch of colors. They write really smoothly and neatly which is why they are a favorite. 😊img_3342

Those are the things I got together to hopefully keep me organized this year. This is how I use them. Each ink corresponds to a certain thing I write down (e.g. green for money related things and red for scheduled tasks/appointments), and wherever I can use stickers, I do. 😄

Then everyday I use the bottom to write down a summary of the day, and whenever I have random bits that I want as keepsakes, I just use tape or stickers to adhere them to their corresponding day. 😊

So that’s my setup. This way I’m able to keep track of the past, present, and future. It’s nowhere near perfect, but for this year, I think it should work out. I wanna look into bullet journalism, but I want to make the use of what I have now. So yeah, how do you plan to keep track of your resolutions and days? And also, what do you think of bullet journals and do you think I should try it out? That’s it for me for now. 😄

’til next time,



Amigurumi are plush toys made from yarn. I’ve seen them a lot over the years but haven’t really thought to get some for myself; that is until recently. For a long time, I’ve been looking for a fugu (puffer fish) plush toy, and haven’t been able to find one. One day last week, I was looking at amigurumi on Etsy, and thought, I wonder if someone can make me a fugu fish. I looked through different sellers and decided to send a message to MossyMaze. 😊

I sent her a photo of a fugu fish, and asked if there was a way for her to make a plush version of the photo. She replied within a few hours and said that she would see what she can come up with. Now, I expected it to take a few days to make a pattern out of just one photo, and I was okay with that and was ready to wait. So you can imagine my surprise when I get a message the next day that has pictures of an almost finished little fugu. 😳

After a few more days back and forth, including a request for a bow tie and a bunny amigurumi in a proportionate size, everything was finished and they were ready. She sent me the listing for the pair, and I placed the order. The next day I was notified that they were shipped already and that they were going to arrive in 2-3 days. This got me super excited. 😆puffbunny

When I checked the mailbox yesterday, I was thrilled to find that all the things I was waiting for were there, including a package from Etsy. I brought the boxes inside the house (three in total because I got some stuff from Amazon and Ulta too), and opened them up–starting with the Etsy box. 😄

The box was topped with tissue paper, and when I lifted it off I saw that the two little plushies were individually wrapped in their own tissue paper cocoon, each with a little crochet heart taped on it. I opened each up, and there they were: my two new little amigurumi. 😍img_4009

I was really happy with everything. From the first message sent to the final packaging and arrival to me, which took all of a week, this seller was really nice and good at what she does. She responds and delivers quickly, and the final products are really well made and adorable. If you wanna check the store you, you can click here for the Etsy store. 😄

I’m so happy to have these two new little ones with me, and am writing this because of the euphoria (sounds kind of exaggerated, I know). I wanted to make an appreciation post to the seller who made one of my little desires come true, and at the same time just keep this little event in the books. Thank you for reading, I hope you didn’t mind my little burst of excitement. 😅

’til next time,