What I needed to do.

TBV - WhatINeededToDoLet me preface this by saying that a large part of this was written when I was struggling with this decision a few months ago. I didn’t know whether publishing it would help me, but it turns out that just letting my feelings out helped me a lot. I’m putting this up now, edited and added onto, because my story wouldn’t be complete if this important part was left out. At the same time, perhaps someone will read this, relate to it, and find that difficult decisions like these need to be made, and there is nothing wrong with following your heart. Here we go.

For a while, I was feeling lost and dejected, and the monologue in my head began to say, over and over, that I wasn’t doing anything with my life. I had bouts of random break downs, as well as times that I found myself spaced out and staring at the ceiling. I felt lost, and alone, and wanted so desperately for things to turn around. Or something.

I decided to do something kind of drastic, something to shake up where my life was going. As the plan unfolded, I found that that decision hurt someone important to me more than I thought it would. Just to clarify, the decision wasn’t something permanent. I really just wanted, and needed, to take control of something in my life, just me with no one really intervening.

Nonetheless, this person was hurt. And I felt bad, and still do feel bad that this person was hurt. There’s something deep inside me pulled me down because I knew that this was the case. The thing was though, I really felt that this was something that I needed to do. I had this sinking feeling that if I didn’t push through with this plan, I would stay stuck in the rut I was in and wouldn’t be able to move forward.

I decided to go back to Manila to get a little more experience and to find myself. Cliche as that line is, I think that right now this is where I need to be to get a better grasp of what I can do and where I can go. This is just something I needed to do to grow and grow up. So yeah. Things will be okay.

’til next time,


Stay on track.

tbv-stayaccountableA few posts down, I talked about the things I want to get done this year. A big part of getting somewhere when it comes to this is accountability, and a way to be accountable, and stay accountable, is to keep a journal or planner. Every year I have one, but this time around I will push myself to keeping using and utilizing it. This is my 2017 planner, and sort-of set up. 😊

img_3329So I start looking at planners around August, because that’s when the new designs come out. After a couple of months of looking at the different designs and layouts, I decided on this simple but adorable baby blue planner from Ban.do. After checking as I write this, the exact one I have isn’t available anymore, but this one has the same interior layout and an equally adorable cover, if not more. 😆

After getting the planner, I thought that it would be nice to have some consistent markers for some stuff, so I decided to go on Etsy to see what they have. I looked for quite a while and decided on stickers from these three sellers: itsplanningtime, twiceasnicelettering, and PrettyCraftyStickers. Aside from these though, I got heart stickers from Ban.do, and eye stickers (which don’t seem to be available anymore) and a sticker folder from Ikea. These are what I got. 😊img_3328

First, from itsplanning time, got four sticker sheets. I got these dollar sign stickers to track my paychecks, these PC monitor stickers to track my blog, these pastel mail stickers to track shipments/mail I sent to other people, and these console remote stickers to track gaming sessions. 😆 So from this seller I delved more into cute but functional stickers.img_3339

Next, from twiceasnicelettering, I got three sticker sheets. I got this sheet of washing machine stickers to track laundry, this sheet of popcorn stickers to track movies, and this sheet of really cute woodland critter stickers. Here, I got the stickers that are still functional and cute, and couldn’t resist the animal sheet. 😅img_3335

And last for Etsy, from PrettyCraftyStickers, I got three sticker sheets. I got this red droplet sticker sheet to track my period, and these perfect match date night and bunny love sheets because they’re adorable and also romance. I was looking for for just the right period stickers, and then I couldn’t resist the other two sheets. 😆img_3337

Last for the stickers, I got these from Ban.do and Ikea. Alongside the planner, from Ban.do I got these cute pale pink heart stickers to mark romantic landmarks, and then I got this sticker booklet with stickers to use as labels or to secure bits and pieces to the planner, and this sheet of quirky eye stickers that really fascinated me. 😆img_3331img_3332
Lastly, because I have this quirk about me that prefers that my writing materials are consistent throughout, I went over to Amazon and got this pack of five Pilot G-Tec-C4 in assorted colors. I’ve loved these pens for a long time and finally got my hands on a bunch of colors. They write really smoothly and neatly which is why they are a favorite. 😊img_3342

Those are the things I got together to hopefully keep me organized this year. This is how I use them. Each ink corresponds to a certain thing I write down (e.g. green for money related things and red for scheduled tasks/appointments), and wherever I can use stickers, I do. 😄

Then everyday I use the bottom to write down a summary of the day, and whenever I have random bits that I want as keepsakes, I just use tape or stickers to adhere them to their corresponding day. 😊

So that’s my setup. This way I’m able to keep track of the past, present, and future. It’s nowhere near perfect, but for this year, I think it should work out. I wanna look into bullet journalism, but I want to make the use of what I have now. So yeah, how do you plan to keep track of your resolutions and days? And also, what do you think of bullet journals and do you think I should try it out? That’s it for me for now. 😄

’til next time,


Let me introduce myself.

tbv-letmeintroducemyselfHey there, it’s nice to meet you! 😄 My name is Ren, I am 22 years old (as of this posting), and I am a bunny in search of adventure, and of myself. I’m at a point in my life right now where I feel lost, like I have no control over anything, and I want to not be this way anymore–or at the very least be less so. So here I am.

I’ve done this several times before, rebooted my blog, but I think it’s time to start completely from scratch. Although the url and the name of this blog will be the same, everything else would be different. I changed the url of my older blog, that way I could have a fresh start but still keep all the content from there.

I decided to organize this a bit more before putting it out there to you, trying to create a less cluttered and chaotic thing. I hope to eventually (finally) find that groove of telling stories, impressions, and my thoughts, that flows well and naturally. That’s where I want this to go.

I want this to be a safe place, an avenue without fear of honesty, a place where I can share what’s on my mind, without the fear of what others may think. This is my journal as I try to find myself and my place in this crazy world.

I hope you join me in my search for the cool things in this big world. I hope you enjoy what you read, and that you feel free to let me know anything that’s on your mind–all comments and suggestions are very much welcome and encouraged. And I hope that, wherever and whenever you are, you have an amazing day. 😊

’til next time,