Cali galleries: Mt. Helix.

Day 2 of the family reunion! If you want to catch up on day one, or the entirety of this series, go ahead and check it out here. Now, the day before was pretty hectic and crazy, and was mostly geared towards touring the area. This day was really when the bulk of the family bonding happened. 😄

The morning was spent watching TV in my tita‘s living room, as we waited for those in the house to get ready. We packed the car up with the food for lunch, and then we headed to Mt. Helix. Everyone met up, the food was set up on one of the tables, and we had lunch atop this mountain. 😄

My cousin and I finished before everyone else (they probably got caught up in their kwentuhan) so we went a little higher and decided to take some shots. It’s honestly just a lot of the view from different angles and different spots, but it was just so mesmerizing. I also really liked the plants and rocks that ended up being in the foreground. I’m not sure how long we spent just taking in the view and taking photos (I was my cousin’s photographer this whole trip), maybe around 30 minutes. 😆

At some point, we all gathered at the pavilion type place and took our family picture–kind of like a class photo. We all wore our custom family shirt, sat on the steps window style to ensure that everyone would be seen, and the friend of one of my tita‘s took the photos. We did this at several spots in Mt. Helix. 😆

After the shoot, everything was packed up, my cousin and I got a few more shots in, and we headed home and pretty much just chilled until the next plan of the day. 😊

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Cali galleries: Coronado.

I thought about whether or not to just add this on to the USS Midway post, but then I figured it’s beauty would be looked over. This post might be short, and it may have only a few photos, but I think this place deserves a post of its own. If you’re new here or want to catch up, the introduction to this post and the links to the other parts are here. Here we go. 😄IMG_4733

After the Midway Museum, before heading home, we stopped over at Coronado to check out their pier and get some fresh air. My cousin and I walked off onto the pier, while the rest of our family took jump shots on the beachfront. 😆


At the pier, we saw someone having a photoshoot. She was beautiful, and the photoshoot itself was very fascinating to me. I managed to snag a photo of her while taking a pose, although I’m very sure the photographer’s captures were much much better than this. 😄

This was a great way to end a tiring day of touring. Just a moment to take a deep breath and just stare into the beauty of the sea and the cityscape beyond it. The setting sun just added to the picturesque view. 😄



After this, we headed home. Day 1 of our family reunion and San Diego tour was done. It was a pretty jam packed day, and was both super tiring and fulfilling at the same time. We just chilled in the evening, and then got a bit of rest. That’s it for now! 😄

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Cali galleries: USS Midway.

After a not-so-quick lunch at a buffet restaurant, we headed to what would be our last big stop for the day–the USS Midway Museum and Navy Pier. If you’re new here, check out the introduction to this series. The links of the other parts are there too. Now, back to this one. Before that though, on our way to USS Midway, we passed through this really long bridge that gave us a gorgeous view. I wasn’t able to take a decent photo there, but I think it was still worth mentioning. 😊

IMG_4684So, USS Midway. This place is a museum dedicated to the historical battle of USS Midway that changed the course in World War II. Our time here started with a video about the happenings of this event–a great way to start things off. After that, we went through the whole museum. This gallery will mostly be of the planes that I saw there. My cousin and I also tried the flight simulator, but that was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done and I’m glad I don’t have photos and footage of that. 😳

We pretty much stayed until the closing time of the museum, and then after that took a walk along the port of San Diego. As the sun was setting, we arrived at the statue of the Times Square kiss at the end of world war II. Admittedly, all I knew before going there was that it was a really popular site in San Diego, but I did more research on it after, and then I understood even more the magic of the moment that inspired this piece. 😊IMG_4714

We also got a chance to see the tribute to Bob Hope and the military nearby. Again, I wasn’t too familiar with what this was, and I wasn’t really even aware that it was there, but I think it’s a really wonderfully made composition with a really profound message. It was also really cool that everything was life size–it adds a more immersive aspect to it. 😄IMG_4718

If you’re an enthusiast of world history, US history, or even just WWII, this place is a must. It’s very much saturated with history, almost to an overwhelming level. It’s such a great place to visit, and even more so if you gave yourself a lot of time to take everything in. 😊

So yeah. I’m sorry it’s been a while since I posted in this series. There’s just a few more posts to go in these series, and I’m so very thankful for you sticking it out with me. Again, if you wanna catch yourself up on this series, check out the introduction here. Thank you again! I hope you have an awesome day. 😄

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Cali galleries: Mt. Soledad.

Hey! I know it’s been a while since the last installment in this series, but from here forward, I’ll try even harder to get everything out sooner. If you’re new here, check out the introduction to the series here. Here we go. After we went to Old Town San Diego, we went to Mt. Soledad, which is the sight of the Soledad Cross. 😊

My family took pictures by the cross, and my cousin and I took in the amazing view. These are the photos I took of that time. There’s not that many, but I do hope each captures the beauty of what I saw there. 😊

We didn’t spend too much time here, just a breather before we ate lunch. It was mesmerizing though, being up so high, and being there was so calm and serene. So yeah, this was pretty short wasn’t it? 😊

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Cali galleries: Old town San Diego.

It took a few days for the other members of my family to fly into San Diego from all over the US. When everyone who could make it arrived, the adventure began. Our first day all together became a full on tour of San Diego sights. It was a really tiring day, but still a lot of fun. 😄IMG_4602

Our first stop was Old Town San Diego, which was explained to be one of the first towns in California. It was such a fascinating place to be in and go around because it was like going back in time, or going to a movie set but everything is real. An old bank, a carriage, a classroom, several other structures, everything authentic to the time (although probably touched up a bit to avoid too much wear). There were several museums that show how life was back in those days, and even their stores and restaurants were on theme. 😄

There was this area that I think was a town square of sorts? Perhaps a place where people gathered for special occasions. This place had these beautifully painted benches, as well as these two ladies made of plants that were just really well made and nice to look at. There was also this carriage outside with some Mariachi looking statues and a variety of plants. There were so many areas to take photos and it was a place that was both really upbeat but also chill. 😆

Apart from the beauty of the old structures and other details, the nature in the area was also incredibly beautiful. There was so much open space, and there were so many cacti, but also so many colorful flowers and towering trees. I probably spent more time taking photos of the scenery than the museums and fixtures. 😆

The last part of this stop was the gift stores. There were so many stores selling many different things. There was one big one that sold random house fixtures, there were a few stalls that sold souvenirs, and there was this store that sold crystals and other crystal-y things. These were the only two photos I took of the stores, but I think that they convey how overwhelming it was going around this part. 😳

So yeah. That was Old Town San Diego, the first stop of this ultra crazy day. If you want to check out the introduction to this series as well as links to the other posts, go ahead and click here. I hope you have an amazing day, where ever in the world you are. 😄

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Cali galleries: Lucille’s flying pig lounge.

No trip would be complete without checking out the local food scene. I’m a huge fan of barbecue, so when my mother’s friend suggested we have lunch at this really good barbecue place, I was stoked. 😆

From the minute you enter the place, you are bombarded with the scent of food being grilled, as well as the visuals of the decor around the place. It was kind of crazy in the sense that there wasn’t really a single theme to the whole place–the bar area was dimly lit and, for lack of a better word, bar-like, but the outer extensions of the bar seemed to have a more homey vibe to them. Their setup was kind both in-cohesive and cohesive at the same time, if that makes any sense at all. 😆IMG_4547

Now on to the food. So Lucille’s has 3 different barbecue sauces that you can try when you eat there, and purchase to take home if you’re into it. I tried all three, and my favorite is probably the original. The Memphis sauce was a bit to tangy for my liking, and I was never really a hot & spicy type of girl. 😕IMG_4548.JPG

When I was looking through their beverage selection, I saw the words “Muddy Waters” and I was so fascinated by the name, I just had to try it (although my tita did say that it was a good drink too). The drink is a mix of iced tea and lemonade, which isn’t too unusual a drink mix. Back in Manila, actually, I liked to mix different drinks and this was a mix I’ve tried. There is a difference though–iced tea in the States is different from Iced tea in the Philippines. I can’t explain it, but even International sweet tea is not the same as the iced tea I’m used to. 😆IMG_4549

Let me tell you, that was soooo good. Again, it’s different from what I’m used to, but it was such an awesome mix of sweet, bitter, and sour. Aside from the flavor itself though, the drink also looked cool with the gradient of brown to yellow in the huge mason jar. It makes it look all the more elegant and chill. 😊

IMG_4550.JPGOkay, now on to the food. Let’s begin with the biscuits and Honey Apple Butter. Now, I’m not really a big fan of biscuits and butter, but as always, I didn’t knock it ’til I tried it. It was different from other things I’ve tried. As can be guessed from its name, the butter was sweet–and way different from what I’m used to. It wasn’t bad at all, but not exactly my type. 😕

IMG_4551Next up is what my tita said was a must try for this place: their Onion Straws. This is Lucille’s version of onion rings–thin strands battered with buttermilk, seasoned, deep fried, and served with their BBQ ranch dip. It was amazing. First of all, when they put it down on the table, I was surprised at the size of the serving, it was just a mountain of onions and I got excited. I love onion rings, but am kind of picky about it, and this was just really really good. In a way, it was both something very familiar, and wonderfully surprising. 😊

Now for the main. When I was looking at the menu, I had a really hard time deciding what to eat because there were so many choices and they all looked good. I then found that they had lunch combos. It was an opportunity to try multiple items on one plate, but not too much of each. I decided to get their St. Louis Spareribs with Brisket Burnt Ends and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes. 😄IMG_4552

The photo I took doesn’t quite look too appetizing, and I think it looks smaller than what it actually was. The serving was pretty big, almost too big for me (and can eat A LOT). It was a really good combination, and each item was good on its own. I was worried that having two barbecue meat dishes would be overwhelming, but it really wasn’t. The ribs were delicious, they were really tender and slipped off the bone, and they just tasted like really good ribs. The burnt ends, I thought, took the best part of barbecue (the charred bits) and let it stand alone. It may not be the healthiest thing in the world, but boy was it good. The garlic mashed potatoes accompanied the two grilled dishes well, while at the same time being able to stand on its own. It wasn’t the type of thing that I couldn’t eat by itself. 😊

After finishing the main, I was so stuffed that I didn’t have space for dessert, so I missed out on that on this visit. I’ll have to try it next time, and there will be a next time. I really enjoyed my meal here. Their decor, their servers, their food–everything just came together in an upbeat and energizing way. If you happen to pass by one of their locations, I say check it out if you haven’t yet. So yeah, that’s it for this installment. 😄

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P.S. – Check out the introduction to this series here. Links to the other posts are here too. 😄

Cali galleries: Disneyland.

The first stop of this adventure was Disneyland in Anaheim, California. From the airport, I took a shuttle straight there, with no time to spare. It was about an hour and a half drive away from LA, from the drive alone I could already see how different this place was from the windy city. Without further ado, let us start this gallery off with the first photos I took as I entered the grounds of Disneyland. 😊

I spent my first few hours there in Downtown Disney. I walked around and spent quite a bit of time going in and out of the stores. This activity in itself already showed much wonder, from the the entrances of the World of Disney store to the displays inside the stores themselves. Unfortunately, these four below are the only photos I took that weren’t of merchandise, but they are pretty cool photos. 😊

I then met up with one of my friends whom I haven’t seen in years. She served as my guide throughout the park, and we got to catch up on what’s happened in our lives since we last saw each other.This was my first time in Disneyland, so I told her that she had the reigns on what we did next. 😆

The first ride we rode was the Pirates of the Caribbean, which she told me was changed a bit for the 50th anniversary of the ride. She also pointed out, when we got to it, the only real skeleton left in the whole ride. Pirates was pretty cool in its different settings, but if you’re not a fan of scenic rides, you might not enjoy this one too much. 😕

Then after that, we went on the Haunted Mansion. I found the technology used in that particular ride very fascinating. The mixture of projections and animatronics made for such a wondrous visual experience, and I couldn’t help but be in awe at each part of the ride. This was similar to Pirates, but the doom buggies that we were situated in moved a little faster than the boats. 😋IMG_4466

The next ride we rode was the Hyperspace Mountain. Now, I’m not a fan of roller coasters. For the longest time, I avoided all coasters like a plague. So you can understand the fear rushing through my veins as we lined up in this ride. Man, I think this ride changed everything though. From the very start of the ride where they played the Star Wars theme, I got chills down my spine and I got really excited. And then that was followed by what I think could be the funnest 2 minutes of my life. I guess I like those kinds of coasters now. 😆

After Hyperspace Mountain, we rode the Indiana Jones ride. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from that ride. I thought I did, but I guess not. This was the last ride we ended up riding, and I think it was a really good way to end the day, ride-wise. This is one of the oldest rides in the park, and can be considered a must-do for first timers. 😁

One thing I noticed about all the rides that I went on was that the designers of the rides paid attention not only to the rides themselves, but also the areas that lead to the rides. Some of them had attractions before the rides themselves–like the stretching room in haunted mansion. All of them had beautifully decorated line areas which made the walk and wait leading to the rides entertaining in their own way. 😄

Apart from the rides that my friend considered to be “first time essentials,” she told about two particular things that I had to try: the Mint Julep and their Churros. This seemed a bit random to me when she mentioned them, but they were both very delicious! I’m not sure how else to describe them apart from saying that. 😅IMG_4464

It rained at some point when we were there. Also at some point, I realized I hadn’t taken any photos of the streets of Disney or Cinderella’s Castle. So amidst the rain that poured around me, I took these two shots. The park, even in the rain, is pretty magical. Walking down the streets felt like being in a different world, with the music and even the smell of the place. I also saw what could possibly be the biggest horse ever, so that was pretty cool. 😆

After Indiana Jones, we went ahead and headed back to World of Disney, and looked around for souvenirs and other trinkets that we could get. I ended up buying some tsumtsums to add to my plush collection, as well as a necklace for my sister. After our shop, we headed to dinner and then walked back to watch the parade. 😊

The parade that night was the Main Street Electrical Parade, an old and retired parade that was brought back just for a while. It was pretty cool that I was able to catch it. Everything was so pretty and bright–as a light parade would be. I felt like a kid watching each float as they passed, almost yelling the characters on them. It was a really cool ending to that night. 😄

So that was pretty much my trip to Disney! I only spent half a day in the park itself, so there are probably things that I missed, not to mention my not being able to explore California Adventure. It was a really fun and memorable day though, and I definitely will be coming back someday. 😊

That’s it for now! Thank you for your patience with this series. I’ll put everything up as soon as possible! 😊

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P.S. – Check out the introduction to this series here. Links to the other posts are here too. 😄